“We are warriors, soldiers, brothers and sisters who stand together side-by-side on the battlefield to fight for causes that are just and right…standing together we fight as one on the battlefield to save humanity from evil.   We share a trust, a bond and having solidarity and loyalty as one.  We will be your sword, shield, and your camouflage and you will be ours.  We stand up strong and taking the charge…always the first to fall…but always be the last to stand…always fighting for others who cannot.  No matter our victories and causalities on the battlefield we are brothers and sisters in-arms… Together we stand…United and Loyal…Leaving No One Behind!”



Brothers In Arms (BIA) is a XBOX CO-OP PVE (NON-COMPETITIVE) Looting & Shooting Clan/Team where Newbies and ALL skill levels are welcomed, and we play for fun. BIA is about playing together in a friendly, non-competitive, safe and positive gaming experience/atmosphere for everyone…FREE from: Competitive Game Play, Judgement, Drama, Grieving Others, Toxicity, Harassment/Cyperbullying, Trash Talking Potty Mouths, Team Killing (Going Rogue), Loot Hoarding / Stealing and Cheating.  BIA (core) values are: Honour/Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication. Good Sportsmanship and Esprit de Corps (unity, camaraderie,  loyalty).

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CO-OP PVE (non-competitive) Clan that plays for fun only.

Newbies and ALL skill levels are welcomed.

Respect BIA Members (no matter the skill Level, age, gender, race/culture, beliefs, disability) AND be NICE, PLAY FAIR and be a good sportsman on XBL, XBL Game Rooms/Parties,  BIA Club.

Create and play in a fun, friendly, non-competitive and safe gaming atmosphere FREE from: Judgement, Drama, Grieving-Toxicity, Cyperbullying, Trash Talking, Team Killing, Loot Stealing, Cheating.

Develop and encourage Esprit de Corps (Solidarity/Unity, Camaraderie, Loyalty) among BIA Members (i.e.: Fellowship, Clan/Team pride).

Play together as a cla encouraging:  Cooperation, Communication. Team work and Support (i.e.: Completing Raids and Strongholds, Helping to level up).

Develop and encourage good sportsmanship.

Making sure BIA Members distribute, collect and trade open/public loot (Weapons, Gear) FAIRLY (i.e.: Rotation or need basis) in ALL BIA Games/Modes.

CO-OP PVE Military/Sci-Fi Looter/Shooters are the core/foundation of BIA, but with emphasis on Looter Shooters being a major focus.